The COVID-19 pandemic has led us to reevaluate our measures of public health and what we deemed acceptable. Disgust with our past way of life and a fear for things to get worse in the future fueled mass hypochondria. 

During development of the COVID-19 vaccine, other medical engineering efforts were focused towards creating experimental technology that would prevent something like this from occurring in the future.
In order to create a clear picture of the health of the country, the data of individuals must be collected everyday. This information will be gathered through “Health Checkpoint Scanners.” 
With constant testing and observing, public health concerns will be caught before they have a chance to grow.
Tech companies will create desirable new products to suit the trending needs of the paranoid community. 
“Move Shoes” are designed with magnetic sole technology, connected to a magnetic ground network.  For distancing requirements, shoes contain autopilot capabilities which allow them to move locations on a predetermined path, without fear of getting within 6 feet of another person.
In an event where extreme isolation is necessary, “Epihortiums” will allow the individual to have an enjoyable experience. 
Designed like a personal park, the Epihortium will give the user the experience of being outdoors. They are able to enjoy the positive mental health effects nature creates while remaining separated from others while any other health issues are sorted out.  
These give an illusion of choice and paradise when the individual may be making personal sacrifices for the public goals.
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