International Center for Missing & Exploited Children
The International Center for Missing & Exploited Children works to eradicate child abduction, sexual abuse, and exploitation. People are aware of and care about the issues that ICMEC works to solve, but the organization itself is forgettable and has little public name recognition. 
We were asked to rebrand ICMEC to bring more recognition to the resources ICMEC provides and empower people to make a difference. 
Insight: People want to help fight for causes they believe in but aren't sure what they can do can really make an impact. 
Anyone can be a hero with the right mentor. 

CAPE is all about accessibility and education, so we made it easier to access resources, register for training sessions, and to learn more.

CAPE Global

Child abduction and exploitation is a global problem that requires local ambassadors to lead education and awareness initiatives internationally.
CAPE’s global chapters allow trained leaders to convene CAPE-certified child heroes on social media and stay aware of the challenges faced at home and abroad.
Content Pillars
CAPE's content strategy will focus on three different pillars. Worldwide reach, tools and resources, and education. We created digestible content for people who want to learn more about the issue, and made it easy for everyone to access.
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